Vaping 101 NZ: Beginners Guide to Vaping in New Zealand

Vaping 101 – The beginners guide, to take you step by step, through all the basics and help you make the switch to vaping.

Vaping devices can seem overwhelming at first but are really quite simple once you understand a few basics. Vaping devices can be broken down into two main parts; first is the power unit housing the battery and second being the tank which holds and vaporises the e-juice.

All Vaping devices work by the same principle. Inside the tank is an atomiser. The atomiser contains a wire wrapped around a wick, this is referred to as a coil. The wick soaks up the e-juice and draws it into the coil. When activated the coil heats up and vaporises the e-juice.

Basic Vaping Kits

Starting with the most basic vaping devices on the market, you have the like of the all in one pod systems like the SMOK NOVO, Haiz, or the Alt. These feature a inbuild battery with a small activation button and a disposable pod, which includes the e-juice & coil.

Virtually all basic starter kits will come with a USB charging cable with options for a wall adaptor. Do however, make sure you use the correct USB cable and wall adaptor for all your vaping devices. If in doubt, check your user manual.

The basic kits are a great way to get into vaping, they are really inexpensive and are straight forward and easy to use.

Advanced Vaping Kits

You may find that you want more performance, prefer a stronger throat hit or more air flow!

The more advanced vaping kits allow you to control the power output. Higher power output allows the coil to get hotter. This has an effect on the temperature, the vapor production, throat hit and the flavour.

The difference between low and high power; Lower power, of say 10w, gives you smaller clouds. Where at higher power, of say 30w, you’ll get much bigger clouds and flavour. Because everyone’s tastes are individual, people will prefer vaping different flavours at different temperatures.

Power output is normally controlled by changing either the voltage or wattage via a mechanical dial, or more commonly a digital display. The variable wattage provides a easier and more consistent vaping experience. However, due to the more complex chips used, the advanced kits are generally more expensive.

The advance kits also offer a replaceable atomiser, so instead of disposing of the whole thing, you simply unscrew it and replace the coil. Also, they are made of more durable materials often stainless steel with pyrex glass. This not only makes them last longer, but also gives you a much greater flavour production.

Pro tip:Make sure you buy genuine parts. See our genuine vaping coil range here.

The Right Vaping Setup For You

This will be determined by the balance of, how much money you want might want to invest to switch from tobacco, and the level of performance you might need to keep your cravings at bay.

You might enjoy the endless customisation options that vaping offers. Or you may prefer a simple plug and play solution. In terms of performance, you’re better off going for something with a variable power output.

Bare in mind that a majority of the product are interchangeable, so once you’ve got yourself an advanced setup you can gradually upgrade it with new tanks, etc. Until you’ve got a setup that works for you.

Hopefully this has given you a great insight into the world of vaping.

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